Building a Landing page

Fast and efficient

What is the difference between a single-page site and a full-format one?

Primarily focusing on a specific product or service.

This allows you to keep a high conversion rate for a order or purchase.

Ideal for advertising.

Need advice?




Landing page for the sale of services

  • - formation of requirements;
  • - list of objections and FAQ;
  • - block structure and Call to action (CTA1);
  • - theme, graphics and content;
  • - adaptive layout of elements;
  • - programming forms and logic;
  • - compliance with legislation;
  • - selection of hosting and domain name;
  • - mail in the domain;
  • - Tag Manager, Analytics, and goals.



Landing page with shopping cart and online payment

  • - list of commodity items;
  • - description of advantages for products;
  • - theme, graphics and content;
  • - adaptive layout of elements;
  • - store module and shopping cart;
  • - payment gateway;
  • - compliance with legislation;
  • - selection of hosting and domain name;
  • - mail in the domain;
  • - Tag Manager, Analytics, and goals.



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Site integration with Bitrix24

  • - account in Bitrix24 CRM system;
  • - invite employees, access rights;
  • - selecting a pricing plan and initial setup;
  • - setting up entities (lead/transaction);
  • - configuring lead/transaction stages;
  • - list of fields for integration;
  • - open lines and chat for the site;
  • - requests from the site in Bitrix24 CRM;
  • - any whim for $$ optional;

1 Call to action (CTA) — it is usually designed as a block with a “catchy” creative title and a button (order, buy, download, etc.)

Can I see some examples?

We have something to show you. Various Landing pages are presented below. Some of them are already a little outdated, but they are still in demand among visitors.

Frequently asked question

We answer the most popular questions about the development of one-page promo sites (Landing page) on WordPress.

One does not interfere with the other!

However, Landing pages, unlike multi-page sites, have more success when advertising products or services. Accordingly, in order for paid traffic to justify the investment, the site must have a high conversion rate. This is affected by several factors:

1) you focus the user on a specific product or service, their attention is focused on the subject of advertising.

2) the user has only two options-to order or not. It will either buy or close the browser tab.

3) the User receives comprehensive information about the product of interest.

The answer is simple — one or more, that is, you may have a large number of the same type of product or a narrow range of services.

For example, there are 500 pairs of something lying dead in a warehouse. Or you provide hairdressing services at home. The best way to sell it is Landing page + Advertising.

And remember, a good product sells itself. Don’t associate your business with bad products.

Objectively, the development of a Landing page takes about one or two weeks, but the actual time frame always depends on various factors:

  • do you have a corporate identity or do you need to draw it;
  • complexity of the subject and “packaging”;
  • contact person availability and approval speed;
  • etc.

In short: sometimes we did it in a week, sometimes in a few months. Everything depends on us and you.

We do not draw unique designs and do not make up preliminary design layouts when ordering within the standard rates.

The concept of each site is born in the course of collecting data about you and your product. The ready-made solution is carefully selected and refined in accordance with the business task and corporate style.

But we don’t restrict you. If you want orange ponies and they jump when you scroll the page , we will draw them and make them dance to our tune, but this is a completely different story and a different price.

First, take a deep breath, then slowly exhale.

If the season is in full swing and you haven’t prepared in advance. If you decide to do everything on the last day and the ground is burning under your feet. If you want to shift the burden of responsibility for the failure of seasonal sales, please bookmark our site and remember us when we can discuss the project in a calm atmosphere.

We don’t force you, but… If you want to amuse your competitors-we can do everything very quickly, maybe even everything will turn out well, but it will cost like a steamboat and we do not guarantee the result.

Want to take online sales to a next level?

Write to the chat or email and we will try to do it together.