Support for WordPress sites

Why is this so important?

There are no invulnerable software products, even Facebook and Apple have had leaks through security holes.

Like any modern system, WordPress is regularly updated.

To protect you from unexpected “surprises”, such as unauthorized access or unsuccessful self – installation of updates-we offer the service support sites on WordPress.

Do you need a consultation?



99$ /m.


40$ /h.


10$ /m.

1 – work on editing the site in excess of the allotted time (2 hours per month) is paid additionally at the #WP-Time rate.
2 – if the backup size exceeds 1 GB, additional storage space is charged at the #BackUP-Storage rate.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer the most popular questions about WordPress site support and updates.

WordPress is an open source project that has a large community of developers working on it. Work on WordPress never stops.

Plug-ins (modules) are updated quite often, usually once or several times a week.

The core is usually updated several times a year.

Sites that are not updated or are rarely updated are more likely to be hacked.

In addition, software code optimization and new functionality often come along with updates. This has a positive effect on site loading speed, user loyalty, and search engines.

From the inside, WordPress sites are often unique, because each developer brings something different. You can implement the same task in several different ways.

Access to the administrative part of the site is necessary for an objective assessment of the possibility of improvements, the cost of support and updates.

It all depends on the imagination of the programmer who created the site, the location of the planets, the weather and the breeding season of jerboa in the Savannah…

The site is the reception area of your online office, and the information on it is the competence of your Secretary.

The content on the site must be updated in a timely manner. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations due to user misinformation and increase your conversion rate.

Keep your site clean and secure. He will thank You for this with new clients.

All is lost! We need help!

If you are experiencing problems with a WordPress website, please contact us, a specialist will understand the issue and tell you what to do. We will find solutions in any difficult situation.

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