Website development on WordPress

Modern and responsive

WordPress is a very flexible tool for the implementation of web projects, in skilled hands he is capable of doing almost anything.

Updates released recently have made this engine even more attractive.

Technologies in open source projects are developed and implemented much faster than in commercial systems.

WordPress – one love…

Do you need a consultation?

Pricing for building a website on WordPress



initial payment 25%

Company’s website



initial payment 25%

Product catalog (without shopping cart)



initial payment 25%

Online store



initial payment 25%

Full stack development & designe

Additionally: any adequate idea can be implemented.

There is something to see?

The average life cycle of a website within a single concept is 3-4 years. We have been supporting projects for years and are constantly improving something. Below are a few recent works.

connector flip ⋆

Frequently asked questions

We answer the most popular questions about the development of full-format websites and online stores on WordPress.

Full-format (multi-page) website is essential if you have a sustainable business with a long-term perspective.

Full-format sites are created primarily to implement SEO strategies, which is not possible for landing-page sites.

Objectively, the development of an online store takes from one to two months, and the following factors may also affect the timing:

  • presence/absence of corporate identity;
  • complexity of the filters and number of items;
  • photo processing and availability of necessary information;
  • the availability of the contact person and the speed feedback;

We use a child theme and never use deprecated code editing methods. All modules are updatable.

We do not draw unique designs and do not make up preliminary design layouts when ordering within the standard rates.

The concept of each site is born in the course of collecting data about you and your products. The ready-made solution is carefully selected and refined in accordance with the business task and your corporate style or color preferences.

But we don’t restrict you. If you know that none of the ready-made solutions will exactly suit you, then we are ready to develop something unique for you, but this is a completely different story and a different price…

Specially for our clients, within 30 days after the development the online store or virtual storefront, we will do a 10% discount on the preparation of contextual advertising in Google Ads.

We make SEO-ready websites!

What is important after the development of the site? Of course, to make Your site popular in search engines. We make websites adapted to promotion, and the SEO module is included in the build.

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