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The average life cycle of a website within a single concept is 3-4 years. We have been supporting projects for years and are constantly improving something. Below are a few recent works.

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Follow the trends

Mobile First

Mobile traffic has been trending for several years. People consume content before bed, at Breakfast, and instead of reading the label on an air freshener, stick to their devices.

Companies can’t ignore this, they need to adapt to their customers ‘ preferences.

Google Corporation, which occupies about 80% of the global search market, takes into account these factors and leaves no choice for those who want to take a leading position in search.

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For any device

Responsive Design

Do you remember how many times you came across sites on the Internet that crooked displayed on mobile devices, tablets, or even laptops? And the buttons that don’t click? And the content that you have to scroll to the right and left to finish reading?

Do not make such mistakes on your site. Each device must have its own version of the page. And we only do this because we value your clients ‘ time and nerves.

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More than just a website!

We have expert knowledge and provide a wide range of services.
We are able to develop a strategy and put most business models on wheels.

Landing page – the best way to promote a small range of products and services. Due to the user’s focus on the advertising object, the conversion rate per order is higher than on full-format sites.


Attractive ads with a high CTR (click-rate) will sell your products and services to those who are looking for them. And catch-up ads will remind forgetful customers to return.

Website development is carried out on the most popular and technological CMS platform in the world — WordPress. This is one of the most flexible marketing tools of the new generation.

We monitor all significant changes in search engine algorithms and use only secure search promotion methods. The most advanced monitoring technologies are available to you!

Hand on the pulse since 2011.

SMM and branding

Brand positioning in social networks and messengers. Strategies, naming, content plans, tactical decisions, publications, subscriptions, contests, design, creative.

Modern replacement of office programs. This is a powerful tool for working with the client base and transactions. Huge features from corporate chat, IP telephony and face recognition.

You can buy a license from us and order CRM integration.

Need help? The adwork specialist on duty is always ready to help you solve problems with WordPress sites.

Web audit

Do you suspect that something is wrong with your site or ad? Order an audit of your site or advertising campaigns in the Problem – Solution format. A check-list or video format.

Open for...

We are always looking for partners who can, and most importantly, want to Supplement our expertise with services that are useful for our clients. Do you have anything to offer?

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